Trilogy Scripture Songs

TRILOGY Scripture Songs is a Christian singing group that shares contemporary Scripture songs. The lyrics for TRILOGY Scripture songs are taken word-for-word from the New King James Version of the bible. The word “TRILOGY” means “three words.” The three vocalists are Ashley Hold, Bodil Morris, and Derek Morris. It is the mission of TRILOGY Scripture songs to encourage Christians to hide God’s Word in their hearts and also to enable non-Christians to hear the precious promises of the Bible. These Scriptures are arranged and set to contemporary music by Bodil and Derek Morris and Ashley Hold. We encourage you to hide God’s Word in YOUR heart.



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What others are saying:

Your Scripture songs fill my heart. It is as if God Himself and the choir of heaven are singing directly to me. I was lead to Christ by way of music and now I can have the blessing of Scripture and music together which is helping me to LOVE learning Scripture!”
—Kim, Florida

Whenever someone starts to read a text that’s in one of your Scripture songs, my mind just finishes it. Those Bible promises also come to mind at just the right time!”
—Lisa, Tennessee

I really appreciate listening to all the variety of catchy, easy-to-listen-to tunes which convey such powerful messages from our God. They are so uplifting!’
—Gayle, Canada

Listening to TRILOGY Scripture songs on my way to work is one a way to get my day started on a positive note. God’s Word is the sword in our arsenal of weapons for spiritual battles.”
—Ken, California

Listening to these scriptures set to simple beautiful music feels like standing in the mist of a pure waterfall. God is the creator of everything beautiful. Thank you for sharing that beauty with me.”
—Keith, Congo, Africa