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Overview — What is the truth about Jesus? Was He more than just another great teacher? Listen as Derek J. Morris reads his best-selling book Radical Evidence.

1. Title
2. Dedication
3. Acknowledgments and Intro
4. Chapter 1 – The Testimony of Yasmin Sultana
5. Chapter 2 – The Testimony of Paul Ratsara
6. Chapter 3 – The Testimony of Cleopas
7. Chapter 4 – The Testimony of Moses
8. Chapter 5 – The Testimony of the Prophets
9. Chapter 6 – The Testimony of the Psalmists
10. Chapter 7 – The Testimony of Shabaz
11. Chapter 8 – The Testimony of Cliff Goldstein
12. Epilogue
13. Credits
14. Scripture Song – I am the Way

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