The Radical Prayer – DVD

Overview — Are you ready to pray a radical prayer? A prayer that will revolutionize your life and leave you amazed at the results? Derek J. Morris gives a series of six presentations that reveal the incredibly powerful prayer that enables God to change the world—through you! Watch artist Ginny Miller create a visual representation of each presentation.

The 2-DVD set includes 6 powerful biblical messages based on the content of The Radical Prayer:

  • A Radical Perspective
  • A Radical Problem
  • The Radical Prayer
  • Radical Challenges
  • Radical Dependence
  • Radical Joy

All Available Formats & Editions:
The Radical Prayer – Hardcover
The Radical Prayer – Audiobook
The Radical Prayer – Audiobook – Digital Download
La Oracíon Radical – DVD
La Prière Radicale – Hardcover/eBook