The Radical Series

The Radical Prayer
Jesus wants you to join Him in His mission of preparing the world for His soon return. How can we learn to see the world from God’s radical perspective? And what is the radical prayer that Jesus wants all of His followers to pray?

The Radical Teachings of Jesus
Christianity is not a religion. It is a life-changing relationship with a Person—Jesus Christ. What vital truths did Jesus teach and how does Jesus want you to live as you wait in joyful expectation for His return in glory? Find answers to these important questions in The Radical Teachings of Jesus.

Radical Protection
We are all in the midst of a cosmic controversy between good and evil. That battle becomes more intense for those who have prayer The Radical Prayer. Learn how you can receive the supernatural protection that God alone can provide.

Radical Evidence
What is the truth about Jesus? Was He more than just another great teacher, or another holy prophet? Hear the amazing testimonies of people whose lives were radically transformed by an encounter with Jesus. Examine the Radical Evidence for yourself.